How long can you go without sleep

Even though there are people who claim that they can sleep for five hours a day and still function, that is not the reality for everyone out there. In fact, sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of depression. In other words, if you don’t sleep, you won’t feel well. It is very important to sleep for seven or eight hours a day. And, even if you are one of those people who doesn’t seem to need to sleep, on the long run you will be facing a lot of complications if you don’t do something about it now. But, How long can you go without sleep? I mean, for real, how long until you reach a point in which your organism will tell you to please stop and give it a rest. Let’s swim deeper into this subject.

While you sleep your organism rests. You reset your body organs for functioning the next day. On an emotional level, psychiatrists say that when we sleep we deal with all of the emotions that we can’t process on a conscious level. If you don’t sleep you will be going through a lot of stress. And, as you know, stress is the main cause of all of the serious complications. 

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